16 Jan New! FlixFling Updates!

You may have noticed a few changes to FlixFling lately.

We’re working hard to make FlixFling the best place for you to enjoy the movies and shows you love.

Here’s what’s new:

– We’ve added Premium Subscription Channels to our lineup.  Learn more about them here.

Pay As You Go accounts are now On Demand accounts.  Nothing has changed about these accounts – just the name.

– The FlixFling Subscription is now called the FlixFling Basic Subscription to reflect the addition of more subscription channels.  Again, only the name has changed.

– The method for canceling a subscriptions has changed.  Instead of visiting Plan under My Account, you will visit My Subscriptions.  To cancel your subscription, simply click Unsubscribe from the channel you wish to cancel.  You will receive an email to confirm the cancellation.

New Subscription Bundle! We are now offering the FlixFling TV subscription bundle.  This subscription offer bundles the FlixFling Basic Subscription with a small device that lets you stream FlixFling to your TV.  That’s right, turn any TV into a smart TV with FlixFling TV.  Click here to learn more.

We hope these improvements make your FlixFling experience even better!  If you have any questions regarding what’s new, please contact us!