07 Mar MyFlix – Your Personal FlixFling Library

With so many options, it’s sometimes hard to know what makes one streaming service different from another. At FlixFling, we strive to be different.  We bring you different content, different plans and way more flexibility than many other services.

A big part of making FlixFling so easy and flexible is our availability on many of your favorite devices. You can watch FlixFling titles anytime, anywhere and our digital locker, MyFlix, makes it all possible.

Think of MyFlix as your own personal FlixFling library full of your favorite movies.  MyFlix is where you can access any of your FlixFling rentals or purchases instantly – on any device.

Say you find your favorite movie while browsing the FlixFling library on your Android tablet.  You purchase the film through your Droid, but you don’t have time to watch.  No problem.  MyFlix stores your purchase remotely; so when you’re back at home and ready to watch on your Roku Player or Google TV, your movie is there for you in MyFlix.  No need to connect the two devices or even wait for a download.  It’s all there instantly.

Stock up MyFlix with your favorite films and access them this way – whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or any other FlixFling enabled device.

MyFlix is separated into 2 sections: My Rentals and My Purchases.  Switch between the two using the radio buttons at the top of the screen as shown here:

Rentals are stored in MyFlix for the entirety of your 3 day rental period and your purchases are stored indefinitely.

FlixFling is the perfect solution for a movie night with friends.  Browse the library and rent a movie on the way (using our handy iPhone App) and watch it on your buddy’s Roku Player when you get to his house – all using the power of MyFlix.

All your favorite movies at your fingertips – whenever you want.  Pretty cool, huh?

Find MyFlix on your home screen today and discover how easy watching movies can be with FlixFling!