16 Jan Mutant Hunt

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When New York is besieged by mutant cyborgs with an insatiable lust for ripping human beings apart, it’s dedicated mutant hunter Matt Riker to the speedy rescue! A diabolical scientist, “Z” has injected these mechanical zombies with a sexual narcotic that induces a thirst for killing. All over Manhattan, the robotic Romeos begin loving ’em and leaving ’em… dead.

With two trusty mutant-hunting pals, Riker descends into the dark tunnels beneath the city to find Z’s secret lab. Riker attacks the with revolutionary lasers! The mutants are clamoring for more of the demonic drug! How are Z’s plans going for world domination? Not so hot. It’s a terrifying fight to the finish as you’ll discover when you scavenge for danger on the MUTANT HUNT.”