19 Aug Murder in the Heartland

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17 robberies… 11 murders… 6 states… 2 lovers… 1 camera… A film crew sets out to find answers to the worst crime spree in years, and uncovers a secret they never dreamed – the criminals, Dwayne Foote and Darla-Jean Stanton, actually videotaped their robberies and brutal murders. Now the search begins to find this unimaginable tape called “VIDEO X”. But where is the tape? Who is hiding it and why? Despite arrests and risks to their lives, the film crew travels through the Deep South to interview family, friends and corrupt police officials to find out why “VIDEO X” is missing and why authorities are lying about it. Only one question remains, as the mystery unfolds, one bloody crime scene after another – what is “VIDEO X” and why must it be kept out of the public eye? Only the tape itself can answer that.