16 Aug Mulligan

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For Jordan golf is hard but life is harder. He hates his job, his girlfriend has left him and to make matters worse he has lost all faith in his talent as a writer. What is his solution? Why a round of golf and a little help from his friends! There is only one problem…his friends are more messed up than he is.
King is back from the military a “new” and approved man, but no one is interested in listening to advice from the former part animal as the old King was a lot more fun. Davis is a used car salesman and all around playboy who spends his time ducking unhappy customers and chasing women when he should be paying attention to not getting arrested by the FBI. Langer has issues, no job, a psycho ex-girlfriend, a split personality, and a need for attention that is capped off by a sneaking suspicion that he may have been abducted by aliens!
Add to the mix, several run ins with the local bully and a lot of rejection, and its no wonder Jordan wants a Mulligan…aka a life do over! The good news for Jordan is… in life…as in golf, if you stand up and play it right you can indeed be granted a Mulligan.