16 Aug Moon of the Wolf

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In a small Cajun town on the Louisiana bayou, a pack of wild dogs howls in the night. The body of a young girl is found viciously murdered on the property of a wealthy family. The townspeople believe the feral dogs are to blame, but as the killings increase, it becomes evident this is a mystery that holds long buried secrets. Andrew Rodanthe and his wife Louise are the owners of the back woods home of the murdered girl. While searching for clues with the sheriff, Andrew becomes deathly ill. What terrible knowledge has this old and respected family been passing down from generation to generation? Could the girl’s brother Lawrence be responsible for her death and the other brutal slayings? Could the town physician, Dr. Druten, be the real killer? Or are there more sinister and supernatural forces on the prowl? Suspense rises as potential suspects are unmasked by Louisiana lawman Sheriff Whitaker and the mystery finally revealed under the light of the full moon!