16 Aug Michael Jackson – The Final Word

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There’s very little left to say about Michael Jackson that, by now, hasn’t been said a million times. So after the media frenzy in which every micro-second of his tragically short life has been put under the microscope, every controversy and indiscretion has been magnified to extremes and every word he ever uttered in public has been repeated again and again, all we can say is ‘thank you for the music’. Because ultimately that’s why Michael Jackson was, and still is, universally loved and why, despite often being seen as less than orthodox in his general behavior, at the time of his sad passing his life was celebrated around the world in a manner that, among pop performers, has previously only been witnessed for Elvis Presley and John Lennon. This film celebrates the joyous and timeless music of Michael Jackson from his first recordings with the Jackson 5 through hit after hit from the seventies, the eighties and the nineties, right up to his most recent cuts and in so doing tells the story of a true pop genius, the way it really happened.