02 Dec Meadowland Review


It Might Just Keep Getting Darker

One year after a young boy is mysteriously abducted on a family road trip, Meadowland follows the hazy aftermath of parents Sarah and Phil’s (Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson) grief. Although time has passed, neither one has fully recovered. Sarah monotonously attends her teaching job each day, constantly reminding herself of her son’s absence. Phil tries to keep it together best he can, yet his drinking spells and lack of morals reveal that he, too, is in a bad place. During a time where they need each other most, the two of them are often seen dealing with their issues alone- ignoring the repercussions. Unable to be saved by her husband, Sarah falls deeper into her depression and takes off on a journey, risking it all.

 Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson are able to portray heartbreak, vulnerability, and loss seamlessly throughout Meadowland. As a fairly new mother herself, Wilde connects to her character wholeheartedly and takes the overwhelming feeling of pain and sadness to the next level. Wilson is able to bring forth compassion in his role as a father. He cries at group counseling sessions and constantly watches videos of his son on his computer. Both Wilde and Wilson should be proud of what they were able to accomplish in such difficult roles. It’s the sympathetic heartache you feel for these characters that makes Meadowland so intriguing, and their devoted performances that make it so powerful.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.