16 Aug Lost Dream

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The son of a corrupt congressman, Perry Roberts has lost faith in just about everything… his family, girlfriend, the “American Dream,” even himself. About to graduate from a prestigious private college, he is emotionally bereft and desperately searching. When he encounters the nihilistic and tortured Giovanni, a brooding artist and free spirit- the polar opposite of Perry, who believes his new friend is impervious to society’s pressures and responsibilities- he is suddenly thrust into a different world…an altered state of drugs, sex, abandon and no regrets. While Gio perceives him as a spoiled rich boy, Perry is desperate for his new friend to understand his pain. As drug- fueled emotions churn, Gio implores Perry to play a game of Russian roulette to prove the validity of his angst. With each of their fates lingering at the tip of a revolver with a single bullet, is it too late?