12 Nov Life Partners Review


Three’s A Crowd…Or Is It?

This week’s pick brings us a heartwarming, candid story of female friendship not often explored on the silver screen. Life Partners follows Sasha, an outgoing lesbian living a “Peter Pan” lifestyle, and Paige, a level headed heterosexual lawyer with a penchant for always being right. Though their differences are significant, the two have been the best of friends since either one can remember. Nearing the age of thirty and feeling the pressures of adulthood, the girls buckle down on their respective romantic prospects. Paige finds luck with Tim, a slightly goofy dermatologist who should be all wrong for her. Sasha has not faired as well in the dating game and after a string of flimsy relationships, finds herself as the odd man out between Paige and her new man. A coming-of-age story about evolving friendships and unbreakable bonds, Life Partners manages to steer clear of buddy comedy clichés and depict an honest representation of female camaraderie.

Life Partners’ simple and otherwise standard premise is elevated by fine performances from both leading ladies, Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs. Meester is truly enjoyable as the irreverent Sasha, blending sarcastic wit with a bit of heart. Jacobs’ Paige is equally likable, quite a feat considering such a character could be easily pigeonholed into the role of boring and buttoned-up. All the credit can’t just be given to the lead and supporting cast, however; they are given solid material to work with. Writer-director Susanna Fogel and partner Joni Lefkowitz craft a nuanced and, often times, very humorous story that highlights the talents of the young actors and feels true to the twenty-something girl experience. Life Partners is a can’t miss, easy comedy that is sure to entertain all audiences.

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.