10 Aug Legacy

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Ari Larsen has resurfaced after a five year absence, still harboring the memories of a scarred childhood. Kidnapped at the age of eleven by her serial killer father, Professor David Larse, and taken on a three week odyssey of murder and savagery, Ari was left abandoned in the desert. One horrifying fact remains; her father has never been captured. Now, the beautiful young woman with the haunted past has returned to the same house where her father brutally murdered her mother. Following an interview about her best-selling book, a new nightmare enters Ari’s world. After the interview airs on national TV, young women begin turning up dead in Ari’s home town. The killer’s style is eerily reminiscent of Ari’s father from years before. Is there a copycat on the loose? Has Professor Larsen returned to resume his reign of terror? Or is Ari really the lunatic that the interview has made her out to be?