16 Jan Laggies Review


Growing Up or Giving Up?

Celebrate the trials and triumphs of young adulthood with this week’s FridayFlix movie pick, Laggies. Starring Keira Knightley, Sam Rockwell and up-and-comer Chloe Grace Moretz, Laggies follows Megan, a good-natured yet wandering twenty-something on the brink of a quarter life crisis. Struggling to find a fulfilling job and fit in with her cookie cutter girlfriends, Megan grows increasingly weary of the life she’s chose. When her longtime boyfriend pops the question at her best friend’s wedding, Megan escapes on a solitary drive to clear her head. While stopping at a local grocery store, she meets spunky teen, Annika. Despite their age difference, the two become fast friends, so much so that Annika agrees to let Megan crash at her house while she sorts out her feelings toward her pending engagement. Megan grows close to Annika and those in her life, developing an attraction to Annika’s father, Craig, a middle-aged divorce lawyer with a smart sense of humor and overprotective streak.

For what may be considered an otherwise formulaic, predictable coming-of-age story, Laggies is elevated by solid and enjoyable performances from its three stars. Knightley is charming as Megan, an unusually casual role for the actress, as is Moretz, who’s got all the makings of a young starlet. The standout here though, is Rockwell. His easy charm and ability to create chemistry with nearly anyone around him is evidenced by his portrayal of Craig, solidifying him as one of the most underrated character actors of his generation. The trio of fine actors holds together the story as it begins to drag at the climax. While the film may have benefitted from a more open-ended resolution, its messages of independence, acceptance and self-realization manage to come through full force.  Ultimately, Laggies proves to be a satisfying dramedy that speaks volumes to young adult audiences.

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.