29 Dec Jam


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It’s just a fender-bender on a country road, but now a group of strangers – including a bickering bridal party, an embittered father and son, selfish married yuppies, a pair of not-too-bright thieves, a divorced dad, and a lesbian couple about to give birth – will spend one unforgettable afternoon turning each other’s worlds upside down. Marianne Jean-Baptiste (WITHOUT A TRACE), Amanda Detmer (YOU, ME AND DUPREE), William Forsythe (THE DEVIL’s REJECTS, RAISING ARIZONA), Tess Harper (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (P.S. I LOVE YOU), Alex Rocco (THAT THING YOU DO!), Jonathan Silverman (WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S) and Gina Torres (I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE) lead a stellar ensemble cast in this award-winning drama about love, death, sex and other truths that are revealed when lives collide.