12 Dec J.K. Rowling & The Harry Potter Film Series


The Woman Behind the Magic

This week, as we shine our spotlight on the entire Harry Potter film series, we take a look at the woman behind the worldwide phenomenon: J.K. Rowling. After enduring a series of hardships in her adult life, Rowling published in 1997 the first installment in what was to become the best selling book series of all time. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone quickly became a hit in the UK, eventually making its way over to the United States, where is was lauded with praise from critics and readers alike. Six novels and eight wildly successful films later, the franchise has solidified its spot in pop culture history as one of the most inventive, iconic stories to ever be told. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Though she’s been favoring the adult crime genre as of late, Rowling has remained true to her Potter roots. In celebration of the holiday season, she recently released the first story in her newly announced, “Harry Potter 12 Days of Christmas” series. Rowling has promised fans of the franchise that she will release one new Potter-themed story on each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas Eve. Though the first chapter was shorter than most expected, Rowling has promised that her newest venture will satisfy all those longing for more from Harry and his Hogwarts crew. It sounds like the queen of witchcraft and wizardry has a few more tricks up her sleeve, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.