11 Dec Indigenous Review


Respect The Myth 

Set in the Panama jungle, Indigenous follows five friends as they decide to take a vacation before entering the “real world”.  After a night of partying and meeting the locals, they decide to take a trip to a picturesque waterfall found in the Darien Gap. After being warned of the dangers of a mythical “Chupacabra” creature found there they decide to go anyway, bringing along a local girl to show them the way. Within just a few minutes, their ideal vacation becomes a nightmare when they realize they’ve made a big mistake and the Chupacabra is, in fact, very real.

Although not quite as good as The Descent, Indigenous follows a similar plot that will keep any horror fan entertained. There are plenty of jump scares, as well as up-close, creepy Chupacabra scenes we’ve all hoped for. At first viewers only see the edges and shadows of the creature, building the anticipation and suspense. When the beast is finally revealed, the payoff is absolutely terrifying. Although disturbing, the Chupacabra embodiment is clever and creative, making it a sight to see. With an ending that may pave the way for a sequel, horror fans won’t be able to get enough of this chilling tale.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.