09 Aug I Dream of Jodie Ep 2

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I DREAM OF JODIE is a new reality series that follows the life of Jodie Moore one of the world’s best known adult film stars and the star of Playboy Channel reality series TOUR GIRLS. In Episode 2 Jodie visits Doc Johnson, the sex toy company that makes her line of sex toys. She checks out things behind the scenes, including the moulds of her body parts. She plans future sex toys in her line, including a hand held masturbator and moulds of her feet, for the foot fetish crowd. Also Jodie and Craig fight about her spending habits, both believing they should be in control of the finances. Jodie does a photo shoot in a helicopter to be used for an action comic and Craig is busted for flirting with other strippers while Jodie is on stage at the Spearmint Rhino.