13 Jun How FlixFling Works

Most streaming services don’t offer all of the options that FlixFling does, so we understand where there may be some confusion. We’ll clear that up for you now, so you can efficiently use all that we have to offer on our site.

As depicted in the graphic below, there are two categories of films on our website: movies that are included in the subscription and movies that are premium (available only for rental or purchase).

If you have a FlixFling Subscription ($7.99/mo), then you have free access to all of the titles with the yellow play button. In addition to subscription titles, we also offer premium titles with the blue P button, which are additional charges for rental or purchase only. If you do not have a subscription, ALL titles (yellow and blue) cost money to rent or purchase individually.

If you have a subscription and want to find titles that are available for free, select the option Browse at the top left of your screen, then select Filter By on the right, and click Subscription. Filtering this option will allow only the free titles under subscription to appear on your screen. You can do the same for premium titles.

6.13.14 How FlixFling Works