09 Aug Hounddog

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A provocative Southern tale set in rural Alabama in the late 1950’s, Hounddog is the story of a spirited young girl, Lewellen (Dakota Fanning) and her struggle to rise above the repression that surrounds her. Lewellen lives with her stern grandmother, Grammie (Piper Laurie), but spends most of her time with her much-adored Daddy (David Morse) in his dilapidated shack. Daddy’s wild side is tempered by his beautiful but troubled girlfriend, Ellen (Robin Wright Penn) who has a mysterious history but calming influence on the lonely, young girl. Lewellen is deeply talented and finds comfort and safety, as well as a place to put her hurt and rage, in the music of Elvis Presley. When Elvis comes to town for a concert, Lewellen is desperate to go but has no money for a ticket. In a naive attempt to get a ticket, Lewellen falls into a compromising situation that steals her innocence and leaves her feeling alone and hopeless. It is up to the caretaker, Charles (Afemo Omilanmi) to help Lewellen overcome the wounding of her spirit and save her soul. He teaches her to use The Blues to turn her tragedy into a gift… bringing light out of darkness and hope out of adversity.