25 May Hate Thy Neighbor

Now in theaters, as well as on FlixFling, comes this week’s psycho-thriller FridayFlix pick, The Ones Below, you must see to believe. A young couple from London, Kate (Clemence Poesy) and Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore), are expecting their very first baby. When new neighbors, Theresa (Laura Birn) and Jon (David Morrissey), move into the apartment below them they can’t help but notice that they’re also expecting. Weird, right? The two mothers-to-be hit it off from the start and form an almost uncomfortable bond. When Kate and Justin invite Theresa and Jon over for dinner, things take a tragic turn that both couples will have to live with forever. Everyone’s true colors make an appearance and the tension between both families eventually becomes unbearable.

David Farr’s directorial debut takes postpartum anxieties to a whole new level in The Ones Below. From sleeplessness to paranoia, Farr portrays every typical new-mother stereotype through Kate. However, Farr’s powerful twists and thrills intensify emotions throughout the 84-minute runtime, making Kate’s state of mind seem questionable to everyone. Viewers, on the other hand, know what’s really going on and can confirm that Kate is, in fact, not crazy after all.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.