25 Nov Happy Thanksgiving


Spend this Holiday with FlixFling!

Whether you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving with your entire family or your closest friends, things are bound to get crazy! You’re not the only ones, though. We’ve recommended our favorite films featuring some of the kookiest groups of friends and families that FlixFling has to offer. Gather ‘round and get cozy with your loved ones for a long night of hilarious films. First on our list is Magnolia Pictures dramedy, Drinking Buddies starring Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick. The story follows co-workers Luke and Kate, who work together at a brewery and spend their time drinking and flirting. After a weekend getaway together with their significant others, things become very blurry. And yes, you can thank the beer. Following the theme of friendship, we have chosen The Inbetweeners 2. Set in Australia, best friends Will, Neil, and Simon decide to travel Down Under to reunite with Jay. He’s been ranting and raving about his adventures and the others must see it for themselves. Next up is We’re The Millers, whose cast is filled with big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Emma Roberts. Sudeikis plays the small-time pot dealer, David, who gets in trouble with his supplier and his only option is to smuggle pot across the Mexican border. As part of his plan, he recruits his neighbors to pose as his “family” and, like in most families, things don’t always seem to go as planned for the Millers. Another tale of family togetherness worth watching is This Is Where I Leave You, which follows the dysfunctional Altman family. After their father passes away, the four siblings must return to their childhood home and live together for a week. Among the chaos, humor, and heartaches, they learn just how precious family really is. Be sure to spend this holiday with those closest to you and don’t forget that FlixFling has plenty of movies for you after the feast!


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.