31 Oct Halloween: The Original Thriller


This Halloween, HE’s coming for you!

Staying in this all hallows eve? No night of fright is complete without a viewing the 1978 cult-classic film, Halloween. Directed by horror favorite, John Carpenter, and starring a then-unknown Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween tells the story of an escaped psychiatric patient hell-bent on revenge. The masked man known as Michael Meyers returns to his hometown of Haddonfield to stalk his next set of victims, teenaged Laurie and her high school friends. While psychiatrist Dr. Loomis hunts for his escaped patient, Michael wreaks havoc on the small town.

Said to have spawned the era of slasher films, Halloween is considered by critics and audiences alike to be a true horror classic. Made on a minimal budget with relatively unknown actors, Halloween grossed millions both domestically and internationally. Since it’s 1978 debut, it has become one of the highest grossing independent films. Critics have praised the film for its revolutionary use of first-person point of view, allowing the audience to see through the perspective of the killer. Carpenter opted for a less gore, more suspense approach when crafting the film, a choice that continues to terrify audiences more than 30 years later. If you haven’t seen the original Halloween in all its thrilling glory, this October 31st is the perfect time to settle in and prepare for the night HE came home!

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.