23 Oct Gotham Independent Film Awards


Indie Film Lovers Unite!

The 25th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards nominations were announced this past week and FlixFling could not be more excited!  We’re pleased to say that a number of these nominated films and performances are featured on our website.  A group of twenty critics, writers, and programmers engaged in deciding the Gotham Awards nominations and the ceremony will take place on November 30th. While the Gotham Awards don’t get as much attention as the Oscars, the nominees of both award ceremonies typically overlap each other, allowing viewers to acknowledge and appreciate those that wouldn’t make it to the larger ceremonies.

First on our list is the indie film nominated as “Best Screenplay”, While We’re Young directed by Noah Bambauch. This dramedy, starring Ben Stiller and Namoi Watts, follows a middle-aged couple struggling with the realities of adulthood. When the two befriend a much younger couple out of envy, they realize that the beauty of growing up is not to be taken for granted.  Next we’ve got two actors, Kevin Corrigan from Results and Peter Sarsgaard from Experimenter, in the running for “Best Actor”. Corrigan takes a rare leading role in the quirky rom-com, Results, as an arrogant divorcee that unexpectedly receives an inheritance. Once he realizes he doesn’t know how to be a “rich person”, he wanders into a gym and inserts himself in between the lives of a personal trainer and her boss. Sarsgaard stars as the social psychologist, Stanley Milgram, best known for his controversial obedience to authority experiment. It’s obvious that Sarsgaard thoroughly enjoyed this role in Experiment as he brings a fascinating, yet unsettling approach to the character’s performance. Lastly, nominated for “Best Feature” is the old-fashioned comedy, Tangerine, that follows an ex-convict who finds out she’s been cheated on by her boyfriend. Enraged, she sets out to find her boyfriend and his new lady to give them what they deserve.  While Tangerine isn’t currently available on FlixFling, it will be here in just a couple weeks. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the other nominees and let us know what you think with comments below!


Watch While We’re Young, Results, and Experimenter, on FlixFling. (Tangerine Coming Soon)

This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.