01 Jun Fish Without A Bicycle

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Julianna (Jenna Mattison) is a struggling actress in a dead-end relationship with Danny (Brad Rowe), a fireman who no longer lights her fire. When she decides to leave him and go "find herself", she ends up falling in love with an egotistical director, Michael (Bryan Callen), who can barely fit her in between Pilates classes. Julianna’s over-sexed and cynical best friend, Vicky (Jennifer Blanc) convinces her to dump him too and sow her wild oats on the LA dating scene only to turn around and confess that she’s in love with Julianna. Between blind dates from hell and in-your-face intimacy issues, Julianna finds solace with Ben (Brian Austin Green), her acting partner who is clearly Mr. Right-she just can’t see it yet. Tripping from one mistake to the next she meets Greta (Edie McClurg), a homeless woman who teaches her to follow her heart. In the end Julianna learns some pretty big life lessons in this witty, no-holds-barred, coming of age dramedy that is being hailed as the female version of "Swingers."