01 Jun Finding God: The Enlightenment Part 2

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How do we find God in a senseless world where we are overloaded with information and technology, distraught by the futility of politics and constantly controlled by the machines of progress? In a world obsessed with power and control, many are finding inner peace by taking a step back instead of "forward" to identify with nature and common sense. God has a far deeper and more personal meaning beyond the increasing complications of world religions and the rapid "progress" that mankind claims to be experiencing. To be enlightened had a more meaningful significance to our ancient ancestors. This series serves as a guide for those who are searching to connect with something greater than all of us, the indefinable presence of God. From quantum theory to lost secrets of the ages, unlock for yourself the true key to the laws of attraction and self-empowerment and discover what the Gnostics, Freemasons, Shamans and other wisdom keepers have known for millennia.