08 Aug Fetching Cody

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A classic “what-if” time travel romantic love story, in the tradition of “Butterfly Effect.” “Fetching Cody” tells the story of Art (Jay Baruchel), a street hustling kid and the love of his life Cody (Lind). When she falls into a coma after an apparent drug overdose, Art suspends disbelief when he discovers a time machine, and embarks on a rescue mission through time and space, deep into Cody’s past, in an effort to save her. What ensues are Art’s increasingly reckless attempts at changing reality. Even if he manages to rearrange the future, he never quite gets the results he seeks. What he may not realize until it’s too late, is that the only thing in the way of saving her may be the very thing he can’t let go of, his love for Cody.