25 Mar Exclusives This Month!

March has been a busy month for new FlixFling exclusives! We couldn’t choose just one to focus on, so we’ve gathered them all and let you in on what is to come. First is the controversial horror film that critics are calling the next “cult classic”, The Corpse of Anna Fritz. This film follows a group of three men who have access to the dead body of the beautiful and much talked about actress, Anna Fritz. Unable to pass up the opportunity of getting up close and personal with her, they soon realize their time alone with her doesn’t go exactly how they planned. Next on the list is Lost in the White City. Although completely opposite of The Corpse of Anna Fritz, it’s an exclusive that you cannot miss. A young couple finds themselves confused and quite frankly lost in their lives together. To rebuild their relationship, they travel to Tel Aviv where they meet an Israeli soldier that has much influence on them both. Just as they seem to be getting closer, he drives a creative and romantic wedge between the two making them realize what they’ve been missing all along. In less than one month (April 19th) we will bring you another exclusive, Assassin. When a ruthless hit man falls in love with a beautiful young woman, he finds that his profession has created a difficult situation for their relationship. Being forced to choose between her and his past, he must take on the seemingly impossible. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.