02 Oct Exclusive Promotional Pricing


What’s Hot on FlixFling

This FridayFlix we’ve got something extra special for our FlixFling viewers! In celebration of The Walk, the hot new drama, hitting theaters this past Wednesday we’ve reduced the price of the inspirational documentary, Man On Wire, on FlixFling. Set in 1974, the film gives you an inside look at Philippe Petit’s story of how he danced on a wire illegally rigged between New York City’s twin towers. Petit’s adventurous spirit and daring stunts will inspire the whole family and for only 99¢ until Tuesday, October 6th you won’t want to miss it. If you’re looking to stay inspired, check out Magnolia Pictures’ Sunshine Superman! This jaw-dropping documentary will get your adrenaline flowing as you watch skydiver Carl Boenish take on even more amazing, yet dangerous stunts of human flight. The aerial photography alone will leave you breathless and inspired, making it a must see this weekend. If you’re looking for a different route and enjoy horror on the weekends, we must suggest watching Old 37. Disguised as paramedics in an ambulance known as Old 37, two psychopaths intercept 911 calls and hunt down teen accident victims. While the teens feel vulnerable and believe help is on the way, suddenly things go from bad to worse. Also, recently released on our Warriors & Gangsters channel is the action film, Triangle. Struggling to make ends meet, three friends get a second chance from a mysterious man that tells them about buried ancient treasure. What they find will shock not only them, but movie viewers as well! You won’t be disappointed by any of these 4 titles this weekend, so pick which movie best suits you and turn on the FlixFling!


Watch Man On Wire, Sunshine Superman, Old 37, or Triangle on FlixFling.

This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.