28 Aug Entourage Review


Dream Large, Live Larger

After 8 seasons of the award-winning HBO series Entourage came to end, director Doug Ellin wanted to create a film that reunited the bromance. The 96-minute feature follows the four main characters: movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his best friends Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), and Johnny (Kevin Dillon) as they create their “epic” film, Hyde. While the guys seem to care more about their private yacht parties, multi-million dollar homes, and overflow of babes, their abrasive agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) stresses over the film’s need for extra funds and discouragement of success. Ari must fly to Texas to meet the co-financiers of Hyde and ask for more money to supply the post-production costs. Hesitant, Larsen McCredle (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son Travis (Haley Joel Osment) provide the amount needed and Travis flies back to LA with Ari to see where exactly his money is going.  Travis falls for who seems to be Vince’s girlfriend, the Sports Illustrated model, Emily Ratajkowski. With all the control over the movie, Travis makes sure to let Vince and his boys know who is boss and puts their movie’s success in jeopardy. When his intentions are finally revealed, nothing can come between the friendship of these guys and their ongoing success.

If you’ve ever been a fan of the television series, you’ll appreciate the consistency between the show and movie. Viewers get to know each character’s personal issues and laugh at the ridiculousness each one has to offer. Among the relationship complications, exploitations, and difficult movie auditions we can’t help but enjoy the fantasy aspect of the Hollywood lifestyle portrayed. Any issue, of course, can be solved with money in Entourage, which seems to be making fun of society today. The film goes beyond its surface and is a must see for all fans of the series.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.