01 Jun El Chicano – In The Eye Of The Storm Movie


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El Chicano means “the Mexican-Americans”. Their music is influenced by Rhythm and Blues and Latin-America sounds. When Latin funk and Latin rock started in the 70s in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area, a number of groups emerged: Azteca, El Chicano, Los Lobos, Malo, Santana – to name the most important ones. This DVD covers the story and music of the individuals who created this groundbreaking rock band. Hailing from the Los Angeles area, El Chicano would come to fruition during the rise of the Mexican-American (or “Chicano”) movement during the late sixties, enduring heavy responsibility and strife, while continuing the struggle of remaining a consistent force in music. Witness the historic reunion show, and hear the stories of men who stood by their new brand of music and their movement, both of which have never truly died. El Chicano Musicians: Mickey Lespron – Guitar, Bobby Espinosa – Organ/Piano, Fred Sanchez – Bass, John DeLuna – Drums, Rudy Regalado – Timbales, Jerry Salas – Vocals/Guitar, and Marcos Reyes – Congas.