08 Aug Earth Minus Zero

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In the far off universe of Vitala, a zoo has been built by an advanced civilization. Its purpose: to preserve specimens of civilizations that will eventually destroy themselves. Its species catcher: a scorpion-like creature that is able to transform itself into anything it wants. Its name is: Minus. As Minus lands on Earth to capture some humans, a typical suburban family, the HELLER’S, struggle to get by. Mom, Dad, their teenage son Joey, six year old daughter Cindy and faithful dog Monte don’t realize how good life really is. Minus transforms himself into a mild mannered pizza delivery boy, and is welcomed into the Heller’s home. Once in, he whips out an odd looking ray gun and shrinks Mom and Dad to the size of ants. When he sets the gun down to scoop them up, Cindy enters and begins to play with the gun and shrinks Minus. Everyone must bind together against their new enemy-Minus who is armed with advanced technology including virtual reality beasts and missiles. In a dazzling special effects display, Joey and the Heller family battle with Minus in this fun filled action packed movie… EARTH MINUS ZERO.