28 Sep Don’t Shoot the Pharmacist!

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Zack Wright, a Pharmacist who works the graveyard shift in Brooklyn, alongside Ty Jackman, a blunt, wise-cracking Pharmacy tech, would rather be stuck in Vegas as a roulette dealer rather than dreaming his nights away at Goodyear Pharmacy on Coney Island Avenue. Several customers patronize the store, varying from idiotic to obnoxious, from beautiful to dangerous, as Zack and Ty go through the motions of another bizarre night.

Zack, despite discovering that his partner Jeff, who is also the boss’ son, took the night off to go on a date with Zack’s on and off girlfriend Rachel, realizes he won’t do anything about it. Finally fueled by Ty’s challenge against his cowardice, Zack takes charge and confronts Jeff. Zack unexpectedly ends up learning a lesson from Jeff and discovers what he yearns to do for the rest of his life as he gradually accepts his role as a Pharmacist responsibly serving his community.

Before the shift finally comes to a close, Zack’s newfound “”self”” gets tested to the extreme, as the lives of Zack, Ty and a frequent customer Phil, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and a slight case of mania, are put in danger by an armed and desperate man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.