05 Aug Devil Girl From Mars

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An alien spacecraft is seriously damaged while entering Earth’s atmosphere and must land near a small town in the gloomy Scottish moors. While awaiting repairs, the technologically superior Martian female Nyah and her deadly robot Chani mercilessly terrorize a small group of patrons at a local inn who have been trapped by the spaceships impenetrable force field. All Martian men have been decimated in a violent race war on Nyah’s home world, and the stoic extraterrestrial has been sent to Earth on a mission to collect human males in order to repopulate her barren, dying planet. Those who do not cooperate with her demands will be used as fuel for her ship, or painfully destroyed by Chani. If Nyah succeeds in her mission and returns to Mars, the wholesale invasion of Earth will begin! Can the small band of humans save mankind from conquest and slavery?