20 Dec Dan Vs. S2 EP16


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“Gigundo-Mart” – A huge warehouse-type superstore moves in right down the street from Dan’s apartment, and with it comes the traffic, the noise, and of course, the masses of consumers desperate to save a buck by buying things in bulk that they will never use in a lifetime. All of this would be enough for Dan to want revenge, but to top it all off, Chris has become obsessed with the store and is quickly sending himself and Elise into debt with his endless purchases. Feeling like the only sane one left in town not giving in to the mass consumerism, Dan decides to take down the Gigundo-Mart. But this proves easier said than done when a determined Greeter, a web of store policy red tape, and the sheer size of his opponent forces Dan to think outside the box with his vendetta. Little does he know that Elise, fed up with Chris’ overspending, has set her sights on the Gigundo-Mart as well and will stop at nothing to bring her husband back from his buying insanity… and she has the hi-tech weaponry to do some real damage!