20 Feb Crusade: A March Through Time

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Ever wished for a “do-over”? At some point, everyone has experienced a burning desire to go back in time and change history. For young Dolf Vega (Joe Flynn), that fantasy is about to become a reality! His mother (Emily Watson) works at a secret research center that’s testing a prototype time machine, and after Dolf’s soccer team suffers a devastating defeat, he schemes to go back in time 12 hours to replay the fateful match. Unfortunately, a data-input error sends him back to the year 1212! Saved from bandits by the beautiful Jenne (Stephanie Leonidas), Dolf joins her and thousands of kids on a peaceful pilgrimage known as the “Children’s Crusade.” But unbeknownst to them all, a common enemy masquerading as a trusted friend will put them in mortal danger! Can contemporary Dolf survive the technology-free, superstition filled Dark Ages long enough to rescue the children and get back home with Jenne by his side? Time will tell!