31 May Circus Maximus


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With a pending deadline looming and multiple obstacles mounting, an established screenwriter attempts to complete an entire Screenplay within a solitary weekend. Instructed by an angry studio executive to writ 3 “twisted” short stories within a feature-length film…Circus Maximums unfolds as the characters invlved come to life in their respective stories:
Story #1: Look Out Below
A thirty-something guys is unknowingly set up on a blind date…with a dwarf. The date soon falls short of his expectations (pun intended) and quickly spirals out of control.
Story #2: Unfortunate Son
After intense psychotherapy, a frazzled mother and her disgruntled son come to the realization that they hate each other…to death.
Story #3: The Misadventures of Captain Cool and Sergeant Suave
Two private investigators are hired to recover a fetus in a formaldehyde jar. After developing an unnatural fraternal bond with the item, they hatch a plan to keep it and deceive their employer. Mayhem ensues.