04 Aug Cayman Went

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TV personality Josh Anders is a legend in his own mind…and even he has doubts. Ratings are down and the hottie star of Diver Down can’t get arrested in Hollywood these days. When the smug pretty boy receives an ultimatum from an ultra-wealthy, powerful and unethical resort developer- who also happens to own the network that broadcasts his show- Josh finds himself the key player in a land grab scheme targeting the Caribbean’s picturesque, unspoiled and tiny Caribbean island of Cayman Brac. The laid-back locals, most of them big fans, are putty in his hands, except for the eccentric Mr. Bowman, a cranky retiree who’s never even heard of the show. Secretly petrified of the ocean, Josh just wants to close the deal and go home. That is until Mr. Bowman, a parentless kid named Rodney and Darby Thomas, the beautiful but opinionated owner of the local Sand Bar, change his mind about what really matters most.