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11 Mar Catch “Graffiti Verite” on FlixFling

We love documentaries here at FlixFling and one of our favorites is the acclaimed documentary series Graffiti Verite.

The first installment of Graffiti Verite (released in 1995) explores the underground graffiti art scene in L.A.  Through candid interviews with 24 artists, the history of graffiti and it’s meaning in modern life is explored.

In subsequent episodes of the series (released from 1998-2012), documentary filmmaker Bob Bryan further explores graffiti culture as well as hip-hop, spoken-word poetry, beatbox and more.  The most recent installments, GV12 & GV13, branch out to Bali as well as into the world of women’s roller derby.

Graffiti Verite is a rare series you shouldn’t miss – so catch all 13 episodes now on FlixFling.

Click any title below to watch now:

Graffiti Verite 1: Read the Writing on the Wall

Graffiti Verite 2: Freedom Of ExpreSSion?

Graffiti Verite 3: Iconography of Graffiti Art

Graffiti Verite 4: Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas

Graffiti Verite 5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop

Graffiti Verite 6: The Odyssey: Poets, Passion & Poetry

Graffiti Verite 7: Random Urban Static

Graffiti Verite 8: The Fifth Element: The Art of the Beatboxer

Graffiti Verite 9: Soulful Ways: The DJ

Graffiti Verite 10: Hip-hop Dance: Moving in the Moment

Graffiti Verite 11: Don’t Believe Da Noize

Graffiti Verite 12: Wayang Kulit

Graffiti Verite 13: Roller Gurl