04 Aug Bull Dance

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The American school in Crete is a specialist Summer School for girls where young gymnasts seek excellence against the backdrop of the splendid scenery and ancient mythology of the Greek Islands. The school’s intake this year, a vivacious group of young Americans, become dangerously preoccupied with the Cretan mythology surrounding the Goddess and the Man-Bull – the "Minotaur". Under the influence of Jane, a wayward pupil, who in turn is affected by the charismatic teachings of the sensual principal Mrs. Lake, they are drawn into a re-enactment of the Bulldance. This is a death-defying leap over the horns of a live Bull, as practiced over 3,000 years ago by young female athletes in Crete sometimes in celebration, sometimes sacrifice. Deeply disturbing events arise from the tension that develops when the scantily clad Gymnasts conflict with the machismo locals – a girl is raped and despite being under threat of expulsion by Professor Lake, the unstable Jane prompts a bizarre vigilante response.