30 May Bomber Boys Episode 2 “Baker Flight”

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As seen on PBS stations around the US comes a new “living history” series reliving the early days of World War II. Using a unique blend of living history elements, CGI, first-person interviews and never-before-seen W.W.II footage. This dramatic four-part documentary series”Bomber Boys: The Fighting Lancaster” follows a new generation of “Bomber Boys” as they train to become a Lancaster Bomber crew. In Episode two we follow the trials of Baker Flight as they struggle to adapt to the discipline of military life. Their instructors, real-life drill sergeants, are determined the boys will measure up…no matter how much humiliation and discomfort they must endure. The sole American recruit, in particular, chafes under the constant scrutiny of the drill sergeants. After countless hours on the drill square the recruits are finally given hands-on training with the Lee Enfield .303. Most of the boys have never fired a gun before and the Lee Enfield will be their introduction to the feel and sounds of battle – and the bruises the kick of a rifle can leave.