30 May BIGFOOT IS REAL!: Sasquatch to the Abominable Snowman Part 1

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Are these eyewitnesses seeing an apparition or is this creature real? Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast firsthand and decide for yourself.
Bigfoot or Sasquatch attributes from numerous reports include: The smell of a Sasquatch far exceeds that of a bear or other mammals, many cases report an intolerable stench when a Bigfoot is in the area. They vocalize in terrifyingly, high pitched scream like mannerisms, many recordings have surfaced in recent years. They knock trees with branches and logs, reportedly to communicate with each other over long distances. They throw rocks and boulders, there are countless cases with the creature throwing rocks at campers, even boulders from hill tops if disturbed. They live in family units, many cases report the sighting of not one but two or more individuals at a time, often with young in tow. They may have developed a language, many reports tell of a whinnying or gurgling whistle sound associated with their possible speech patterns. They leave very distinct footprints, many of those prints have dermal ridges and other anomalies that rule out a hoax.
Is Bigfoot real? You will believe after viewing this fascinating collection!