12 Dec Art of The Devil 3


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A magician attempts to offset the toll that dark power has taken on his body by forcibly removing the power of a dark deity from the bodies of other humans who have absorbed it in this sequel to the hit Thai horror film Long Khong (aka Art of the Devil 2). Deep in the jungles of northern Thailand dwells a magician who has absorbed so much dark power that his body is being consumed from within. In a desperate attempt to prevent his flesh from being consumed by masses of squirming maggots, a priest draws on the power of the Three Eyed God. The Three Eyes God is a dark force thought to be so powerful that it could reign in the flesh eating energy that threatens to consume the malevolent magician unless he acts fast. But the Three Eyes God isn’t willing to cooperate, a development that leaves the dark priest with little choice other than to forcefully extract his energy from the bodies of his human hosts – a procedure that requires extreme brutality and bloodshed.