05 Feb Always Have Faith

This week’s FridayFlix pick, The 33, will undoubtedly pull on your heartstrings as it follows the disastrous story of the 2010 Chilean mine collapse. With 33 men trapped underground and more than 2,000 feet of rock in between them and a rescue team, it quickly becomes a race against time. Spirits are tested between both parties for an excruciating 69 days as the team works to save these men. The inspiring story is nothing short of amazing, yet suspenseful and harrowing, making it a true story that everyone should take the time to see!

For a story that most people already know the ending to, director Patricia Riggen retells The 33 in a way that still has viewers anxious for its outcome. She perfectly captures the feelings of those not only underground, but aboveground as well. Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips are two of the underground men that you instantly focus on. They play off of each other well with their acting skills, charisma, and their Latin roots seem to help as well. On the other hand two other lead actors, French actor Juliette Binoche and Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, seamlessly play Chileans, which is impressive alone. With so much talent and jaw-dropping surprises in one film, anyone watching is bound to enjoy the full 125-minute runtime.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.