14 Sep We’ve Got Monster Mania!

Calling all ghosties and ghoulies, it’s that time of year again!  As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to turn only one thing comes to mind – Halloween.  With our large selection of instantly streaming indie horror films it only makes sense that we send the street team out to a horror convention.

After last month’s Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ, we found ourselves checking the closet and under the bed for a monster friend and surviving a zombie apocalypse every night in our sleep. We’ve definitely caught the monster bug – so this weekend (Sept. 16th -18th) the street team will be back at Monster Mania in Hunt Valley, MD.

We’ll be representing FlixFling along with A Serbian Film.  If you haven’t heard of A Serbian Film yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.  It wasn’t described as making “The Human Centipede look like a Care Bears movie” because it’s about puppies and sunshine.  If you want some info in person about this controversial film, our booth will have the trailer running along with informational postcards, memorabilia and two very friendly ladies to help you out.

Plus, you may walk away with more than just something new to talk about at the water cooler on Monday.  Along with some great conversation, we’ll be offering chances to win awesome prizes such as a Roku 2 Player, a 1-year subscription to FlixFling, and other fun stuff!

Maybe if monster movies aren’t exactly your cup of tea or you wouldn’t describe yourself as a hardcore horror buff, there are tons of other memorabilia and cool things to check out – including celebritiesssss.  There are rumors of cast members from such popular flicks as Halloween and Ghostbusters, TV series such as True Blood and The Walking Dead and others making an appearance.  Would you really pass up the chance to meet some of the hot ladies from True Blood?  We hope not.  And if the lines for autographs seem too long there will be some hot ladies at our FlixFling booth so be sure to swing by!

Check out MonsterMania.net for more information on the convention and we hope to see you there!