08 Jun War Eagle, Arkansas


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Based on a true story, “War Eagle, Arkansas” shares the inspiring story of a high school baseball star who must choose between pursuing a college sports career and staying near family and friends in his struggling rural Ozark Mountains community, Enoch Cass (Luke Grimes) is charming in his wish to hold on to loved-ones, including lifelong best friend Samuel Macon (Dan McCabe) whom he affectionately calls “Wheels” because of his wheelchair. The two share an enduring spirit strengthened by Wheel’s Cerebral Palsy and Enoch’s debilitating stutter, both of which have kept them in need of each other for most of their lives. This acclaimed film has warmed the hearts of many and won Best Picture or Best Actor awards in more than 20 major film festivals throughout the country. Destiny promises this work will remain in the American catalog of independent films.