24 Aug The New Roku 2 Player now bundled with FlixFling Subscription

Roku 2 Player

Roku 2 now included with FlixFling subscription.

We have been testing the new Roku 2 HD player for about a week now, and we must say, we really love the new device. We have always been big fans of the Roku player, andits ability to stream unlimited movies through the device to your television. The Roku 2 player is priced to compete, with the HD model only costing you $59.99, (The HD is included with a new bundled subscription from FlixFling, you can find more information here). and the highest model the “XS” weighing in at $99.99. (only $40 with flixfling subscription.) There are a few different options on the new Roku 2 player, perhaps most notably is the ability to play games through the device, one of the main attractions of the “XS” model. It even comes with a Free copy of Angry Birds! The new player also comes with a some new updates to the FlixFling app including a new UI, and a simplified purchasing process that allows our users to use credit card information stores in their account.

One of the first things that caught our eye with the new Roku players were their tiny dimensions and sleek minimalistic design. Setting up the box took no time to complete, five minutes at most. The navigation of the interface is fairly simple, not much going on here, but straight forward and easily accessible. Then came time to browse the channels, there are many great channels which is what makes the Roku player so cool. There are several great streaming movie channels such as FlixFling, they were extremely easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.  We did not experience any buffering or lagging issues and were able to fast-forward and rewind movies with no problem. All of these great features, simple, sleek design, affordability and the ability to instantly stream movies to your television are all things that make the Roku 2 player a great device. Especially when you don’t want to lay out another few thousand dollars for an internet connected TV, when you have a brand new flat screen sitting in your living room.