18 Jan New Channels Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce some new channels coming soon to FlixFling.  Soon, we’ll have available some new titles from the following:

MTI Home Video is a full service independent motion picture studio that produces and distributes feature films for the domestic marketplace.  Based in Miami, Florida, the indie releases more than thirty films each year in conjunction with their Studio Partners: Artist View Entertainment, Bedford Entertainment, Redrum Entertainment, and Saiko Films. MTI continuously acquires films for distribution and maintains a substantial and expanding library.     More about MTI Home Video

Media Blasters distributes mainstream anime as well as live action, monster movies and adult anime. Licensed the well known ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ anime  series.       More about Media Blasters. View Channel.

Fever Dreams is known for creating cult-hits like FLESH FOR THE BEAST and co-producing Japanese action movies like DEATHTRANCE and the blockbuster MACHINE GIRL. The studio owns a catalogue of Ray Dennis Steckler films and other classic features, and has even produced an anime feature, Kite: Liberator.  More about Fever Dreams.

SunWorld Pictures distributes select quality films.  Select films include: SnowBeast (2011), Scents and Sensibility (2011), The Maze (2010), Horse Crazy Too (2010), You’re So Cupid (2010), Christmas Angel (2009), Minor Details (2009) More about SunWorld.

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