31 Aug Miracle of Marcellino 1991

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A heart-warming story set in the 16th century. It is wartime and the friars of a humble monastery find a baby on the doorsteps of a home in ruins. They lovingly raise the baby and name him Marcellino. When he turns 6 years old, a wealthy Count and his wife take Marcellino in but he remains a very lonely boy. While the count’s home offers luxury, it lacks warmth. During his first hunt, Marcellino, terrorized by so much violence against animals, runs away to go back to his beloved friars. A storm rages and the next morning he’s found unconscious and brought to the monastery and hidden in a loft with a large crucifix. Experience the simple faith of an innocent child – who while recovering finds comfort in his “special friend,” the man on the crucifix – and the miracle he inspired.