10 Aug Introducing IndieFling- A New Channel for Independent Filmmakers!

Hey FlixFling Fans!

We’re excited to announce a new channel coming soon to FlixFling – IndieFling!

IndieFling will be a new channel on FlixFling showcasing independent film.  The IndieFling channel will feature full-length films submitted to FlixFling by filmmakers made available to all FlixFling users for rental or purchase.

As a compliment to FlixFling’s already diverse and interesting collection of films, IndieFling will offer a first look at new and original film submitted by filmmakers across the country.  The addition of IndieFling will make FlixFling the best place to catch the best independent films and a perfect spot for the ultimate film lover!

We are now accepting submissions to IndieFling – so if you’re a filmmaker looking to get your film seen (and make some money, too!) check out IndieFling Info for more information and your official submission packet!

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we officially launch the IndieFling Channel so keep checking in with us here or on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest!

The FlixFling Team