28 Aug Introducing FlixFling TV

FlixFling TV is a brand new subscription offering from FlixFling.  For just 12.99 a month, FlixFling TV bundles your unlimited streaming subscription with a handy device that connects right to your TV and allows you to stream your FlixFling favorites straight to your big screen.  Interested?  Keep on reading.

How it Works

The FlixFling TV device (provided by Orb) uses your home Wi-Fi to connect your TV to the Internet.  All you have to do is configure your device to your network and hook it up to your TV using a basic composite/component connection.   Use it on any TV from your new flat screen to your old tube.

Once FlixFling TV is connected, you can use your computer (PC or Mac) or your smart phone or tablet to control it.  FlixFling TV uses Orb’s Mini Controller to stream FlixFling to your TV or you can use the free FlixFling App to stream movies from your phone or tablet to your TV.

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What Else Can FlixFling TV Do?

Your FlixFling TV device does more than just stream movies.  This little device gives you access to great music, too!  Use Pandora, Spotify or SiriusXM?  Access these great music apps all instantly through your TV using the same device.  A subscription to FlixFling TV gives you access to hours of entertainment on any TV.  It’s a smarter way to get a smart TV.  

What You Need to Use FlixFling TV:

TV with a component/composite hook-up (no HDMI required)

Home Wi-Fi Network

Home computer (PC or Mac)

How to Sign Up

Whether you’re already a FlixFling user (Subscriber or Pay As You Go) or are new to FlixFling, you can sign up for FlixFling TV and start enjoying your favorite movies streamed right to your TV.  Click here to sign-up now!

The Fine Print:

FlixFling TV subscribers receive one (1) membership to FlixFling for unlimited streaming movie rentals and one (1) FlixFling TV device provided by Orb.  The cost for FlixFling TV is 12.99 per month, plus applicable tax and a one-time shipping fee of 9.99. FlixFling TV subscribers retain access to movies and use of the FlixFling TV device for the entirety of their subscription.  Subscribers can cancel at any time, but must return the FlixFling TV device or pay $99 to keep the device.  FlixFling TV subscribers do not receive a two week free trial but will receive the FlixFling TV device immediately with subscription.  Pandora, Spotify & SiriusXM subscriptions are not included with FlixFling TV.

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