25 Jan Ichi the Killer

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Welcome to a world where violence is a virtue and depravity is a way of life. This is the underside of Shinjuku, and the home of Kakihara, a sadistic yakuza killer. He relentlessly tears apart the underworld searching for the man who killed his boss. The mastermind behind the plot is Jijii, an ex-cop bent on turning the gangsters of Japan against one another. His trump card is a physically powerful lunatic who is constantly on the verge of snapping. This madman is Ichi the Killer, and between him and Kakihara, the streets will run red with blood. ┬áBeneath the surface is a complex character study of two tortured souls in a battle to the death for redemption. ┬áThe “Godfather” of Japanese gangster movies directed by Takashi Miike.